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Trampoline Park Manufacturer ASTM TUV


2017 News.  Cheer Amusement mow is a member of IATP certificate of trampoline park manufacturer.

Trampoline parks are getting more popular worldwide. More and more kids, youth and adults come to jump for fun and excersises. Trampoline parks expose appropriate activities in  dynamic and safe surroundings by utilizing Exercise & Cooperation oriented fun  places for new trends of entertainment centers. astm-10.jpgTrampoline parks are popping up across the country, offering fitness classes ,slamming down backetball courts, foem pits, never failure  wall climbing ,dodge ball. Cheer Amusement, the trampoline manufacture also offers trampoline park area for children under 7 years old with wide range of attractions.

Cheer Amusement trampoline parks are  designed to be flexible so it can be adjusted to meet whatever your needs.Cheer Amusement is  able to design, manufacture and install high quality and fully functional trampoline park that includes the foam pit, climbing wall, dodge ball, basketball and so on which generates high play value. We're very proud of being the first and only supplier in China who has both TUV and ASTM  certificates for the safety of  trampoline  park.astm-8.jpg  Recent years Cheer has installed over hundred Trampoline Parks units all over the world in a variety of venues, such as: Family Entertainment Centers, Shopping centers, Theme parks, etc. Cheer’s trampoline park could be not only an exciting new attraction of an empty building but also an interesting supplement for an existing fun center. It could be custom made upon your site situation. We are confident to bring a successful trampoline park solution to your operation and make you a relatively higher revenue.