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Quality Control System

Cheer Amusement indoor playgrounds Quality Standards




High quality performance of Cheer’s products

Cheer Amusement is one of the largest manufacturers in the world specializes in the design, manufacture and installation supervision of high quality and affordable indoor playground equipments designed for commercial applications. Cheer Amusement has supervised installations supervision over thousands successful projects all over the world and have earned great popularity in the playground equipments industry. The leading manufacturer and world class design for indoor playground equipment system, Cheer Amusement has been in the industry since 1994.

Cheer Amusement specializes in indoor playground system,  toddler play system,  ball blaster equipment and system , motion soft play system, interactive play system, trampoline park, sculpture soft play, theming and decoration, inflatables and airtight system, challenge courses , and playground projects  for shopping centers and other indoor facilities.

Cheer Amusement puts high priority on children’s safety, only use the best material for production to make sure the highest quality, which are TUV tested non-toxic and fire retardant. There is no 3P, also lead free. We maintain a continuous proactive approach to ensure we meet and exceed all North American and European standards for indoor play systems, including TUV, GS-EN1176, CE for Europe and ASTM, CPSIA, UL94, NFPA701 for Northern America. So far, Cheer is the first indoor playground manufacture in China who received the GS-EN1176 certificate for indoor playground. Our equipment needs very little maintenance, which avoids much trouble and saves you lots of maintenance cost in future.


Steel Pipes and Structures

Principle: Steel pipes for support structures and system scaffoldings, these pipes form a frame in, on or under where playground elements are fitted. The frame is adjusted to every structure and provides stability and strength


We only use steel pipes with high stress intensity and professional- grade for the commercial playground. We provide high quality steel pipes to our customers to insure that our frames are stable and safe. The steel pipes we used are hot-dip galvanized steel pipes (not cheaper electroplated coating steel pipes) that the whole pipe is immersed in a bath of molten zinc thus both the inner and external of the steel pipes are galvanized, so the steel pipes are protected from rusting and corrosion for many years. In other word, it can extend safe period of use.

Material: galvanized steel pipes.

Nominal passage: 48.3 mm.

Wall thickness: 2.2 mm/3.25mm.

Weight/meter: 2.9 kg/4.4kg.


Connectors are hot dip galvanized and are manufactured accoording to the industry requirements and capable of supporting the heavy loads. These are capable of supporting the heavy loads.

  connector.jpg connector2.jpg  connector3.jpg  



Cast iron basement is bolted to the ground is used for supporting the pipes in a stable vertical position.

Our cast iron footing are tested and proved to be able to successfully support the structural pipes and running in good condition. We only use professional and high-quality basement for the play structure.



The safety net is to prevent the children from falling or run out of the multiple play structure. Anti-climb net is used for prevent children from climbing, Roof liner for covering the top of play structure.

The colorful nets are durable for the use of indoor playground. All nets passed TUV tests: EN71-1(Mechanical and Physical),-2(Flammability) and -3(non-toxic), SGS tests passed: lead and Phthalates




Foam Post Pad

Principle: when children play, they make lots of uncontrolled movements. To prevent accidents the structural pipes are protected by a soft sleeve of foam.

The PVC vinyl on our foam pipes is approved by TUV according to EN 71-1(Mechanical and Physical),-2(Flammability) and -3(non-toxic), and is approved by SGS Test: Lead and Phthalates-CPSIA Section 101&108.



Zip Tie

Our zip tie has Length 400 / 450mm and 8mm width. It’s passed by TUV tests comply with EN 71-1(Mechanical and Physical),-2(Flammability) and -3(non-toxic), and passed SGS Tests with Flammability-UL-94, Lead and Phthalates-CPSIA Section 101&108.

The zip ties are made of top-quality and high strength plastic materials which makes the tie more durable.



Deck platforms

Our deck platforms, 122cmx122cmx5cm, are made of high quality plywood and high density foam. All of the deck platforms constructed with 18mm thick plywood for increased strength and safety. Our deck platforms are completely wrapped with 40mm thick foam, which is used on decks and floor pads, and covered with 1000D PVC vinyl coating. All these technology make the deck platform soft on every side, creating a safe playing environment and protecting the children from injures while they are landing. We have various colors of deck platforms for our customers to choose.






The plywood we used is approved by TUV tests in compliance with EN 71-1(Mechanical and Physical),-2(Flammability) and -3(non-toxic) as well as approved by SGS Tests for Flammability. We use high quality plywood, which is safe and durable in ordinary use which can save costs in maintenance.  



PVC Vinyle

We have most advanced technology and professional workers to deal with PVC vinyle process. Our heavy-duty 18oz industrial-grade PVC vinyle is 0.55mm thick, strengthened by 1000D nylon weaving inside the coating. Making it remains soft still after years of intense use.

We have various colors of PVC vinyle for customers to choose according to their designs.  

Quality standard: TUV tested non-toxic and fire retardant, lead free, no 3P.



All of our soft play equipments use high-density foam, so our soft padded items are much durable, and less dashaped. The foam we used for playgrounds are approved by TUV tests in compliance with EN 71-1(Mechanical and Physical),-2(Flammability) and -3(non-toxic) as well as approved by SGS Tests for Flammability


Flooring Mat

Our flooring mat are 60*60cm with thickness 2cm, have passed TUV tests under EN 71-1(Mechanical and Physical),-2(Flammability) and-3(non-toxic), as well as SGS tests passed for Lead and Phthalates.

High-quality flooring mats can protect children from injures while falling down or hit onto the ground.




The surface of our climb ramps and stairs are made by plywood, high density foam and 1000D 0.55mm thickness durable vinyle, which can make sure that the ramps and stairs still remain their original shapes for a long using time and protect the children from injures while they are playing and climbing. We also use double needle sawing process to make the soft activites more durable and can bear the high traffic.


Rainbow Bridges

Our rainbow bridge is colorful, stable and with an excellent arc, Good engineering design and artistic in appearance design. There are various colors used for our rainbow bridges, customers can choose various color combinations as they required.



 Vertical and Horizontal Rollers

Our rollers are filled with high density foam and wrapped by thick PVC covers which make our rollers elastic and durable.



 Punching bags

We have various punching bags with different colors, shapes and patterns. Such as triangle, square, round shaped punch bag with different themeing. our punch bags are filled with high density foam and wrapped with thick PVC vinyl to make it durable and smooth.


 Themed Soft Padded Panel, Entrance, Platforms

Our digital printing soft padded panel, entrance and platforms are coated by lamination to protect the printings from fading and falling.

All themed graphics are designed by our professional and experienced designers and manufacture with advanced technology. By controlling the quality standards, our themed elements are good in quality and excellent in appearance. The patterns on the themed elements are 3D digital printings which make the patterns look clear, stereo and real.




Spiky Balls

Our spiky ball have a sealed air bag within it, which make the spiky ball soft, light and safe for player.


Ball Pool

The ball pool is approved by TUV comply with EN1176, and the plastic ball for ball pool is Dia 8cm with thick and durable surface, which is TUV test passed under EN 71-1(Mechanical and Physical),-2(Flammability) and -3(non-toxic). The colors for balls are also brighter which is realistic and more appealing to kids.


 Triangle climbing elevator

The triangle climbing elevator is certified by TUV in compliance with EN1176, which is easy for players climb up and come down through multiple levels of the play ground, increase more circulation.



Webbing Decks and Elevator

The webbing is approved by TUV tests for EN 71-1(Mechanical and Physical),-2(Flammability) and -3(non-toxic) and and EN1176-10 Flammability, are also approved by SGS Tests for Flammability-UL-94&NFPA 701

Due to high-quality materials we used, the webbing events can remain its original shape without transformation for a long time.




Shaped web bridges has small meshes which meet the safety requirements of children, the webs we use are of high-quality, strong and solid enough. The web is approved by TUV tests for EN 71-1(Mechanical and Physical),-2(Flammability) and -3(non-toxic) and and EN1176-10 Flammability,are also approved by SGS Tests for Flammability-UL-94&NFPA 701




Themed Soft Padded Rope Course

Custom made soft padded rope course inside playground are certified by TUV in compliance with EN1176, this activity could be designed and produced under different theme, bring challenging play experience for kids.


Cave Crawl



We provide different options for high quality crawl tunnels, these are made by solid and stable webbing materials which are certified by TUV upon EN71.




 Tube Crawl


Quality standard for our plastic products: Grade UL-94, EN71; High quality, smoothly finished, UV protected; TUV tested non-toxic and fire retardant.


Only use the highest grade material not only adding to overall durablility but also increasing longevity of your play center ensuring you receive the best value.

 Themed Climbing Wall


It has modular climbing panels, custom sculpted walls, which also has a variety of surfaces and easy to be installed. 4cm thick high density foam and 0.55mm thick PVC vinyle made landing mat make sure the players can fall or land safely. Safe thrills for all age and skill level with available themeing.








 Spider Climb



The spider climb tower we manufactured is in high- quality. The durable elastic band is to ensure the safety of players. The design process also considers the good connection and circulation to each levels of the play structure. The spider tower comes with strong elastic straps in square or round shape. It's especially designed for big kids who prefer to have more challenge. There's usually a trampoline on the bottom with straps on top so that kids may climb up from the bottom to the top by efforts. It generates high play value and is able to maintain big kids interest for a long time.


Wave Slides


The wave slides are made of thick high-strength fiberglass. Thus our fiberglass slides are solid, stable and durable. Which is certified by TUV upon EN1176-1 & EN1176-3.


Our fiber glass slide is made according to European standard, the surface is special treat and hard to prevent scratch, the material is free of lead.  


The anti-climb nets with small meshes on both sides along the slide prevent the children from climbing over or slipping off. The 4cm thickness soft padded landing mat on the bottom also protects the players well.  

Drum Slide

Drum Slide is new designed play attraction, player can slide down has similar feeling with water park, it bring kids fantastic play experience. The fiber glass used are non toxic and fire retardant.




Spiral Slide and Tube Slide


Our spiral tube slides consist of tubes and transparent domes, the high-strength solid plastic wall and transparent dome material could ensure that players can slide smoothly and safely. The transparent domes also enable players inside visible from outside.


The plastic powder we use the one from Korea Hyundai, which is non toxic, stronger and ligher.


Quality standard for our plastic products: Grade UL-94, EN71; High quality, smoothly finished, UV protected; TUV tested non-toxic and fire retardant.




Roller Slide


The roller slide is approved by TUV upon EN1176, it has colorful rollers and soft padded handrail to make sure kids can slide down exited and safely.


Spinning Tunnel and Spinning Pot


Both of the two spinning activites are certified by the TUV upon EN1176 European safety standard. These motion activities are popular for the junior players.






Junior Trampoline and Trampoline Park


The trampoline which consists of multiple jumping beds for maximum fun is constructed with the highest quality materials in every component. It enables player to do a variety of different stunts and motions, just like a gymnast. Train your body in an entertaining way and make your sporting dream a reality. As the first and only supplier in China, Cheer Amusement has both TUV and ASTM certificates for the trampoline park. Materials of this trampoline park have passed all the tests by TUV Rheinland.





Various Plastic Tunnel, junction and Station


Various plastic tunnel, junction and station create lots of fun for palyers, these are produced by the rotational moulding process, could keep the strong strength and solid surface, so that these can last longer with less maintenaince.


The plastic powder we use the one from Korea Hyundai, which is non toxic, stronger and ligher.


Quality standard for our plastic products: Grade UL-94, EN71; High quality, smoothly finished, UV protected; TUV tested non-toxic and fire retardant; Used for components including slides, Crawl tubes, activities panels and themed assemblies such as cars, planes.




Soft Sculpted Characters


Soft and durable oversized foam soft sculpted characters provide safe and exciting environment for player. It suits any theme and facility.




Cannon and Ball Play Events


All Cheer’s cannons and ball play events are CE approved, these bring players exciting play experience as well as safe play environment.



Inflas for FEC


We are very experienced on making inflatables for FEC projects. We always make extra reinforcements on the areas that bear the most torture from the riders. FEC inflatabes usually get a lot more riders and tortures than rental inflatables. We do offer special treatments for these inflatables.




With a lot of experience in this field, we are very familiar with Euro Standards in the inflatables. We strictly follow EN14960-2013 inflatables standard.


The material we use is the best for the inflatables, which are TUV test passed for fire retardant, toxic elements, lead free and no 3P. And it has very good tear and adhension strength.


Installation supervision & Maintainance Training World Wide





The installation supervision process is quite important before a playground go to run. The installation supervision will also decide the quality of the finished indoor playground. Thus only when a indoor playground installation supervision has been completed and tested to be qualified, can this project be claimed to be successful. Cheer amusement has in-house professional and highly skilled installation supervision team, installation supervision technicians on average have 10 years’ installation supervision experience. This highly skilled team has successfully supervised assembling of many indoor playgrounds in many countries all over the world. Cheer amusement has a strict standard to follow during training process to ensure that the playground durable and safely, with low maintenance.


Cheer Amusement can also provide equipment, resources and assistance worldwide which allow you to work with local installation supervision crews to ensure that your indoor playground project is completed on time and on budget. This can make the installation supervision more convenient in our customer’s country.

 Customer service  

 Cheer Amusement has experts and technical representatives to efficiently respond to customers’ problems which they met and provide customers technical supports in time.


Our technical representatives can provide your first-rate customer service and professional technical supports to solve the problems you’ve met. Once you meet problems about indoor playground, just inform us and we will solve your problems without delay.