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Case Studies

Cheer Amusement x Wanda Group in Shanghai, China

Extreme Zip Line Course


Our Zip line is a challenging, stimulating, and entertaining sports ride. It uses gravity to slide its players down from a high platform to a lower platform, while putting giant obstacles such as an airbag or a foam pit in the way. Players can experience the wonderful feeling of flying across the sky and feel the excitement and satisfaction as they dodge the obstacles, all without any risk of injuries. Once users conquer their fears, they will be lining up to feel the thrill again!
This emerging attraction is the perfect addition to your expanding training sessions, trampoline parks, or amusement parks! As the leading manufacturer and provider of world class designs with diverse product lines and world-class service, Cheer Amusement is always your best partner in the entertainment industry!


The World’s 1st NBA Center in Tianjin, China




This is too cool! The World’s 1st NBA Center has settled in Tianjin, China. Here you enjoy your leisure time by playing with our many attractions, and if you’re lucky, you may even meet an NBA star! Now let us take a closer look at this amazing play center:
This high-end play center subsumes three main play areas: the NBA kids zone, the NBA hoops, and the NBA GYM. These play areas are especially customized to allow kids of all ages not only to have various kinds of fun, but also to learn more about the NBA and perfect their basketball skills! Inside this wonderland, they can find a variety of entertaining attractions, such as diverse giant slides with colorful ball pools, a powerful ball blaster, trampoline parks with hoops, a rope course, various interactive panels, and basketball. All the above are just some of the activities in this enormous play center. These interesting activities are bound to attract kids with its incredible entertainment value and will maintain their interest for a very long time!
Cheer Amusement is very honored and proud to take on the task of creating such a breathtaking indoor NBA play zone and providing support throughout all stages of the process, including designing, manufacturing, and installing. Contact us today at steven@playground.cn and we will gladly host your first uniquely themed indoor playground!

NBA Play Zone in Beijing, China



Cheer Amusement is extremely honored to take on the task of creating such a breathtaking indoor playzone for the NBA!
Located in Beijing, this high-end indoor kids play center is carefully manufactured and constructed  in strict accordance to the latest international safety standards. It features a variety of fun and challenging attractions with a lively NBA Basketball theme, including a giant ball pit, diverse huge slides, a spider tower, a trampoline park, a NBA Court, and more, all of which are bound to generate high play value. Kids may imagine themselves as NBA stars and have an exhilarating experience!
Cheer Amusement is always your best choice for high-end indoor play centers! We offer total solutions from design, production, to installation supervision  & maintenance training!


Bend down! Jump up! How will you dodge the wipe out game?



Hey friends, come and experience endless fun in our new intense wipe out game! This awesome interactive inflatable is great for teams to have fun together and can be custom designed to take on different sizes and shapes. This enjoyable activity is bound to lighten up your amusement parks, indoor family entertainment centers, shopping malls, and/or adventure centers!


At Cheer Amusement, we specialize in designing and manufacturing the perfect play structures towards our clients’ needs.



Largest Trampoline Park Project in Asia

Grand opening: May, 2018

We are very proud of our perfect completion of this trampoline park, one of the largest indoor super sports and entertainment centers in Asia.
This grand adventure park covers an incredible size of 70,000 sqft. It features more than 28 popular, exciting and challenging activities, including super trampoline parks, high-altitude projects, revolving climbing walls, a space-time tunnel, foam pits, a ninja course, and more! This amazing trampoline park, custom made by Cheer Amusement, is bound to provide a rich and diversified play experience for both young players and adults.
Cheer Amusement offers total solutions from designing and producing to assembling. As the first and leading manufacturer in China to receive both certificates under US and EU safety standards in the industry, we and our highly-skilled professional teams will definitely help you stand out in your market!



China Mark, German Quality



As the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of indoor soft contained playgrounds, Cheer Amusement always insists on a rigorous pursuit of quality and safety. Our soft play equipment is certified by TÜV Rheinland in strict accordance to the National Standard T/CAAPA0001-2016, and we are extremely honored to be the first Chinese manufacturer to obtain the TÜV "China Mark" for our soft play equipment. "China Mark" indicates not only that our technical equipment, industrial products, and consumer products are successfully tested and certified by by TUV Rheinland for security, performance, and quality, but also that we satisfy German Quality standards as well.

 As of now, we have obtained multiple certificates from TÜV Rheinland, including those that indicate we have satisfied the European "EN1176" GS Standards, American "ASTM 1918-12" Standards, and GB National Standards. We are honored to be the first and only manufacturer in China to satisfy all three of these safety standards. 

The "China Mark" certification marks that Cheer Amusement is certified by TÜV Rheinland in respect to Industry Standards, Production Controlled, and Safety Performance. With absolute quality and safety, our customers can enjoy endless fun and worry-free.


 Indoor Play Fun Park in Beijing 2018 

Grand opening date: March, 2018

Total area: 1,000 square meters /10,000sq.ft.

Maximum Capacity:300 players

This extensive adventure park features a variety of challenging and entertaining activities, including rope courses, trampoline parks, climbing walls, plum blossom piles, a traction slide, a belief leap, a ninja warrior course, a quick jump, the list goes on.

Introduction Cheer Amusement custom made the high-end sports center for “Hi Fun” park in Beijing. Players can challenge themselves and experience the thrill of extreme sports here: a high vertical traction slide, an exciting leap of faith, tall climbing walls, challenging warrior courses, a trampoline park with various obstacles and activities, plum blossom piles, an exploratory quick jump, and more. await them. Players are bound to love this kind of way of fun and fitness! This amazing adventure park is aimed to provide a rich and diversified play experience for young players and adults.   This trampoline park was designed, manufactured, and installed strictly in accordance to the US safety standard ASTM F2970-15, the European Standard 2 PfG 2524: 2015-02, and the National Standard GB/T 27689-2011. What’s more, we’ve passed the IBC 2012 International Building Code in the US and all materials are  strictly tested by CPSIA regarding lead and phthalate ppm.

With its powerful research and development capabilities, safe and creative concepts, and professional manufacturing and installing procedure, Cheer Amusement is always ready to provide the best solution for their customers’ indoor adventure park needs. Cheer Amusement is the best choice!


NBA Basketball themed indoor play center in Shanghai | Cheer Amusement



2017 Trampoline park indoor FEC maker has new opening | Cheer Amusement

Grand opening date: March 2017
Total area: 33,000sq.ft
Capacity: 450 people
Activities: free jump area, performance tramp area, kids jump area, dodge ball area ,balance beam, slack line ,zip line ,dodge ball, slam dunk , air bag ,foam pit ,a sky rider rope course, ninja warrior, donut tube slide, bungee jump & jump off tower, climbing walls& pillars ,volcano with slide custom design soft contained playground for small kids, etc.
Challenges:The whole adventure park boasts about 30000 sqft and can hold up to 400 people. It features many action zones such as free jump, performance area, balance beam, slackline zip line ,dodge ball, slam dunk , a sky rider rope course, ninja warrior, climbing slide, bungee jump & jump off tower, crazy ladder, custom design soft contained playground for small kids, etc. This trampoline park was designed, manufactured, and installed strictly in accordance to the safety requirements of ASTM F2970-15 ,the safety standard of American trampoline park facility, and the latest EU safety standard: EN 15567-1 .Trampoline park are becoming increasingly popular worldwide and more and more kids, youths, and adults come to jump for fun or for exercise. By creating an unique Exercise and Cooperation oriented play area , the trampoline park establishes fun activities in a dynamic and safe surrounding.



Cocomong & Cheer Kids Park Grand Opening


The Cocomong & Cheer Kids Park is the perfect place for kids to adventure and explore! This playground has a size of 9000sqft and include a variety of attractions including Cocomong charactered play events, FRP slide, interactive wall target plays, inflatable bouncers, sand play, hand trolley, structure building, ball circulation wall and more!


First Cocomong Playground Built in Shanghai China, by

Cheer Amusement , The Softplay Factory



Play with Cocomong, the most popular playground play in Asia now built it's first playgrund in Shanghaid China.
Cheer Amusement produly builit it up and completed the whole lines of works.
Challanges: Cocomong & Cheer designed a muti-function play system and hoost under one huge roof.Squarefootage : 8000 SQFT +  Cocomong required detail designs and installation supervision must be 100% meet the blueprint . Can you imagine to match thousands of pieces of parts and equipment color shade exactly like the design models?


Yes, together we made it !

How long ? Took 3 months to completed the whole project .

 various slides, 

big ball pool, 

FRP robot slide, 

mini town, i

nteractive wall play, 

sand play, hand trolley,

inflatables, and role play


Play with Cocomong


Indoor Soft Play FEC Red Sea Mall in Jedah City of Saudi Arabia



Red Sea Mall in Jedah City of Saudi Arabia.


The installation supervision completed in March 2015.


This large soft play Family Entertainment Center has ground level alone 20,000 SQFT.


Total  4 levels.


Snowy theme is so attractive in this desrt , hot wonderland


This huge project includes


  • Various slides,
  • Large volcano,
  • Ttrampoline park 
  • Motion activities
  • and  more attractive events.




Indoor Play FEC Bromma Project , Stockholm , Sweden Europe

Indoor Playground Large Attraction Engineered in Europe – Manufactured in China

By Cheer Amusement


Like  it so much? Call us for detail US contact 1.800.457.3293

Engineered in Europe – Manufactured in China  
Opening Date,  Late Nov.2015 
Size about, 1580㎡
Capacity , 350  People 
Country, Sweden


Indoor Playground Equipment , Finland Ball Blaster Fun Play in Finland , Europe


This ball blaster indoor playground provides such a nice place for children to jump, romp, play, run, laugh, climb and dissipate the weather cold or hot outside. Ball blaster fun games are their favor always.  Here, pass easily an hour or two active playing on


Case Study Name : Finland Ball blaster

Location, Finland Europe

About 1510 SQFT

Capacity : 80 People

Indoor Playground Park openned on July 2012 . Boys and girls love this fun, interactive playground. ROI is huge. For more information please contact with Cheer Amusement expert now


  • jim@playground.cn
  • cheeramusement@gmail.com
  • Tel : 011-86 130-0256-0619
  •          011-86 139-0517-1747 or Chat with us on http://www.playgroundcheer.com



Rainbow’s End Theme Park  Auckland NZ

Indoor Soft Play Designed & Manufacturered by Cheer Amusement



RAINBOW'S END Theme Park, Auckland New Zealand.

Rainbow’s End Theme Park, TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence award winner 2015. Now in its fifth year, the award celebrates excellence in hospitality and is given only to establishments that consistently achieve great l reviews on TripAdvisor. Thousands of kids with big smiles have found Rainbow's End as their happiest places.

Cheer Amusement designed and manufactured all soft play indoor system for the park.


The soft play Composed Junior Play Area, Toddler Area,and Comfy Land Area

The soft play area are about 3600 Square Footage


Main Area 80-100 kidsToddler Area 20-30, Comfy 30-40

Video, Process of Installation supervision April 2013 




This project was completed on April 2013. The Rainbow's End Park not only get nice ROI, thousands of childern's smiles but also wins TripAdvisor Excellence Award. According to the report ,  "TripAdvisor is pleased to honour exceptional hospitality businesses that have received consistent praise and recognition by travellers on the site,” said Marc Charron President, TripAdvisor for Business. “By putting a spotlight on businesses that are focused on delivering great service to customers, TripAdvisor not only helps drive increasing hospitality standards around the world, it also gives businesses both large and small the ability to shine and stand out from the competition.”  Cheer Amusement feels so lucky be the supplier of the soft play system for Rainbow's End Theme Park. Here below is Rainbow's End Video. 




YAS MALL Shopping Center Family Entertainment Centre CASE STUDY 201502

Fun Works in Yas Mall, the 2nd Largest Mall in the World, Abu Dhabi UAE

SEE Below Images and Video gallery  


  • Designed By                           Cheer Amusement
  • Soft Play Manufactured By           Cheer Amusement
  • Date Completion,                  Feb 9th 2015
  • Country                                    UAE


YAS MALL completion in late 2013, YAS MALL now ranks the 2nd largest shopping mall in the world. According to the report , Yas Mall features  235,000m2 of retail trading area housing a hypermarket, concept stores, high street and high-end fashion outlets, a multiplex cinema and family entertainment centre (Designed and Manufactured by Cheer Amusement) as well as many of the world's leading retail, restaurant and leisure brands. 

YAS MALL Family Entertainment Centre by Cheer Amusement 

To comply with the YAS MALL adavanc requirements,to satisfy thousands of children's smilling faces.

Cheer Amusement has come out brilliant ideas for this FAE designs and sucessfully turns it into not only a Family Entertainment Centre put a indoor fun park, which opened Feb 9th 2015


Large Scale indoor play was the real challenge. Cheer Amusement has managed and manufactured whole lines of  engineering, art designing, digital motion and animation system desiging.  Cheer Amusement has worked with YAS MALL team and come out 4 main unique indoor plays.

  • Soft modular play system
  • Magnetic puzzle wall
  • Building tower
  • Plumbing system ball play wall


For mor detail Contact Cheer Amusemnt now



Ball Blaster in Yas Mall UAE


 Building Tower in Yas Mall UAE


Fun Works Playground in Yas Mall UAE


Plumbing System Ball Play Wall in Yas Mall UAE


Rotational Door in Yas Mall UAE



Large Scale Drop Slide | Guangzhou, China CASE STUDY 201501


This drop slide was the first real large scale drop slide indoor play at the time in Asia. 

  • Indoor Park Name       Meland
  • Size                                 25000 SQFT 
  • Capacity                         1000 People
  • Soft Play  area               3100 SQFT
  • Height                             27 FT

The above variables are not exactaly or 100% correct as all numbers orginally marked in metric system which were converted in Square Footage. If like to know more detail please message us or live chat. 


Cocomong & Cheer Kids Park Grand Opening

The Cocomong & Cheer Kids Park is the perfect place for kids to adventure and explore! This playground has a size of 900sqm and include a variety of attractions including Cocomong charactered play events, FRP slide, interactive wall target plays, inflatable bouncers, sand play, hand trolley, structure building, ball circulation wall and more!

The big scale and the height , 27 FT were the real chanllenges 

Children like straight away for the fastest way up and slide down from higher places with big smiles.  27 Feet high ,and the soft play area over 3100 SQFT. Safty is our top priority without any compromise of their pleasant and fun time.


The project completed sucessfully by Feb 2013. The indoor play opened on  Feb 1st 2013.  The project have passed all industry and safety test. 

Now it attracs thousands of families everyday. The ROI to the investor is unbeliveable sucess. 

www.playgroundcheer.com is the offical site of Cheer Amusement. 

Cheer Amusement was approved by ASTM (USA), TUV/GS (Germany) . Member of IAAPA(USA) For more detail please visit us at http://www.playgroundcheer.com for live Chatting