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Motion Soft Play



 Motion Soft Play | Unique Soft Play Indoor Playground Set

Cheer Amusement unique designed motion soft play, safe and fun. Cheer is happy to announce the launch of our new product line called “Motion Soft Play”. 
These newly developed products are especially designed for kids under the age of 5 years. 
This standalone concept can be customized and placed anywhere in a kids play center if space allows it. 
These products are fabricated with sparkling PVC vinyl which makes them more attractive, nicer and high-end.
CE certified motors ensure a stable and smooth operation and require less maintenance. 
These products are able to generate high play value and we believe they will be one of the most attractive activities in any new or existing kids play center


Our Motion Softplay products are fabricated with sparkling PVC vinyl which gives them a polished and high-end look. Also, our CE certified motors ensure stable and smooth operations and require less maintenance.


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